Quick dinners don't have to be boring. Check out our easy fall dinner ideas featuring quick chicken, pork, turkey, and pot roast recipes. These 20-minute meals are full of flavor and will fit right into your schedule on even the busiest nights.

Apple Pecan Pork Chops

This easy fall dinner recipe will help you forget about dry pork chops. Searing them in a skillet keeps them juicy, plus we smothered them with saucy apples and pecans.

Golden Squash Bisque

Once you try this 20-minute creamy squash bisque, it will quickly become your go-to fall soup recipe. By starting with cooked squash, you can get this comforting soup recipe from the stove to the table in under 30 minutes. Serve it with a stack of crackers, crusty Italian bread, or a simple salad to complete the meal.

Test Kitchen Tip: Mash the squash with a spoon instead of pureeing it to give this soup hearty texture.

Caliente Pot Roast

Refrigerated pot roast and bottled picante sauce get this beef dinner on the table fast. Picante, a pureed sauce made from veggies and spices, adds a special kick to this Mexican-inspired 20-minute meal. Not a fan of spice? Use mild salsa or pico de gallo instead.

Chorizo Quesadillas

If you're searching for fall dinner ideas, you're in luck; this easy quesadillas are perfect for a cozy night in. Even better, this dinner recipe is done in just 20 minutes. Five minutes in the oven, and these cheesy quesadillas are fiesta-ready! Instead of shredded chicken or beef, we use smoked chorizo sausage to make this recipe a 20-minute meal.

Beef & Cabbage Wraps

Set out the tortillas, filling, and condiments and let everyone begin wrapping and rolling. For minimal fuss, season these five-ingredient wraps with bottled barbecue sauce. Fall dinner recipes don't get much easier than this!

Bacon Wrapped Salmon with Fruit Chutney

This rich, comforting dinner is ready in a snap, and is sure to satisfy everyone at your table. Bacon makes everything better—including fall dinners! This bacon-wrapped salmon fillet makes a mouthwatering fall meal topped with a simple cranberry and apricot jam compote.

BBQ Chicken & Smoked Cheddar Sandwiches

These chicken sandwiches may look like they need a few hours in the slow cooker, but this dinner recipe is done in just 20 minutes! A great fall dinner idea, these sandwiches will make everyone at your table happy. It's melty. It's cheesy. It's the best quick chicken sandwich you'll have all week. And the best part? This yummy fall meal is ready for devouring in just 20 minutes.