2017 Malvern Halloween Safety Map

MALVERN, PA – Halloween is a great time of year for kids. There's candy, costumes, friends, and spooks. But Halloween should be celebrated with care.

That's why we've created a map showing registered sex offenders in Malvern Borough.

According to the state's Megan's Law database, two registered sex offenders live in Malvern.

One of the two is listed as a Tier 3 offender, meaning they have committed crimes such as rape, indecent assault, and child pornography.

The interactive map below shows the addresses for residences for people on the Megan's Law registry.

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The map is informational only, and using the information to harass, discriminate against, or harm these individuals is against the law.

According to statistics from the United States Department of Justice, more than half of rape/sexual assault incidents happen within a mile of the victim’s home.

About 75 percent of victims know their attacker and 45 percent of victims are under 12-years-old.

Pennsylvania State Police maintain the registry and updates information regularly, but information can change quickly. Information is often provided by offenders themselves as required by law.

If you believe a registered sex offender, who is under Active Community Supervision according to the State Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry, is participating in Halloween activities you can report the information to the SAFE tip phone hotline at 1-877-234-0085 which is answered Monday through Friday between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.