Selling a home can take time. If your house is on the market, however, there are certain home projects that can help your property sell faster. With a few DIY staging steps and a little hard work, you’ll have the right offers in no time. Here are some basic projects to tackle if you want to sell your home quickly: 

Declutter Every Room  

When people come to view a home, they tend to go through every single space. Storage is important to homebuyers so if yours is cluttered it could put off potential buyers. Take the time to declutter throughout your home and pay special attention to storage spaces such as your garage, cabinets, and closets. Remove all items and wipe down shelves to get rid of grime. You can use baskets or bins to gather items in a tidy way or even inexpensive, versatile mason jars. 

Deep Clean Everywhere 

For buyers, a potential home can never be too clean. Regular cleaning will help your home look more attractive and get rid of any odors that may be clinging to surfaces. Use a handy cleaning checklist to get your home in good shape. Put on your gloves and wipe down every surface in your home. Pull out appliances so you can clean where dirt often likes to hide. Pay special attention to any odors that are lingering in the air and on surfaces and take steps to get them out of your home. 

Paint Your Walls   

The right wall colors really can make your home sell faster. Buyers tend to prefer neutral tones in a home, so they can picture themselves making it their own. Neutral colors also help rooms appear larger and more inviting. Paint all of the walls inside your house the same neutral shade and make sure the trim compliments the color you choose. Be sure to pick up some painting essentials to help you get the job done with minimal mess and choose low-odor paint to avoid any strong smells. 

Perk Up Your Yard   

Outdoor spaces can boost the buyer’s interest in your property. A beautiful front yard can set the tone for a positive experience for potential buyers so use some useful trick to spruce yours up. Get rid of weeds and bare patches in your lawn. Consider planting some flower beds in front of your home and using shrubs to accent your yard. While you’re outside, take a look at your backyard as well. Make any repairs to fencing and clear away any debris. If you feel like tackling an easy upgrade, take a weekend to put in a patio or simple deck. It’s an easy DIY task that can help attract more bids on your home.  

Create a Welcoming Entrance    

The area around your front door needs to welcome people into your home. Take care to clean these areas up, both inside and out. If your front door has dull paint or damage, make the necessary repairs or install a new door. Even if your door is in good shape, you may want to paint it. One study showed that doors painted blue or grey can earn about $1,000 more for home sellers than those painted other shades. That’s a big return on a project that only takes hours to complete. 

Light Your Home Right  

Just like paint colors, the right lighting can make your home appear more spacious and appealing to potential buyers. You can let more light into your home by simply cleaning your windows and opening the curtains. Go around your home and replace any dull or burned out light bulbs with fresh, clear ones to add even more of a glow. Need a way to light up windowless rooms? Get some lamps to help add light to those spaces. Don’t forget about outside lighting, too. 

Putting a little work into projects around your home is worth your time. The right upgrades can help you sell your home faster, so consider adding these DIY tasks to your to-do list before you list your home. 

Article provided by Bret Engle from