Office of Public Information and Outreach,

10 Things to Remember before and during a winter storm

As we brace for another snow storm this week, please remember the following: 1.Sign up for ReadyChesCo to get weather alerts from us.  If you are already signed up, ask your family, friends and neighbors to sign up today.  Visit www.readychesco.org2.We want you to stay home during the storm, but if you think you will need to go out, prepare your car today.  Fuel it up, have an emergency kit in your car including ice melt or cat litter.  Remember to drive at a slower speed, slower steering and slower braking.  Keep 6 car lengths between you and the car in front of you.   3.If you have to be on the roads, “Don’t Crowd the Plow”  Stay a safe distance behind the plow and don’t try to pass it. 4.Prepare your home emergency supplies.  If you used some of the items during the last storm, replenish them today so you are ready for this storm. 5.We again remind you, if your electric power goes out, do not call 9-1-1.  Call your utility company – PECO 1-800-841-4141;  PPL 1-800-342-5775; Met-Ed 1-888-544-4877 6.Check on your elderly neighbors today to see if they need anything.  Then check on them during the storm to be sure they are ok. 7.Pace yourself when shoveling.  Many people die each year from heart attacks brought on by shoveling snow.  If you need to, ask your neighbors to help. 8.After taking your puppy out for a walk, wipe their paws.  The chemicals used in ice melt is deadly to our pets. 9.DES has been asked this question – What is the difference between a snow emergency and a state of emergency?  Here is your answer:  A Snow Emergency is a specific plan enacted by local government that places parking restrictions along pre-designated routes.  A State of Emergency in PA – is a specific travel restrictions that means only authorized personnel are allowed to travel the roads. 10.If we get a substantial amount of snow, please make sure that your hydrants and drains are clear.  Clear 3 feet completely around the hydrant and 3 feet on either side of drain. Routinely check our website for more storm related information -