Table of Contents 

  • Part 1:  Consumer Notice-9/14/17
  • Part 2:  Buyer's Agency Contract-9/21/17
  • Part 3:  Buyer's Agent Commitment to Client-10/10/17
  • Part 4:  Mortgage Pre-Approval, Why is it Essential?-Coming Soon 12/11/17
  • Part 5: The Seller's Disclosure
  • Part 6:  Deposit Money in a Real Estate Transaction-Coming Soon
  • Part 7:  The Escalation Clause, To Use or Not to Use?-Coming Soon
  • Part 8:  The Anti-Fraud Disclosure-Coming Soon
  • Part 9:  The Sales Agreement, What Is In It?-Coming Soon

Part 1: What is a Consumer Notice?

Consumer Notice   Click here to see sample      In November 1999, the state of Pennsy...

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Part 2: ‘Understanding Buyer’s Agency’

Exclusive Buyer's Agency Sample  It is not uncommon for a potential buyer to call a re...

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Part 3: Buyer's Agent Commitment to the Client

Now that you have signed the Buyer’s Agency Contract (sample provided in Part 2 &lsq...

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 Part 4:  Mortgage Pre-Approval, Why is it Essential?

Let me first note that all states or market areas do not have the same practices when it c...

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