The Great Valley High School boasts a solid 98.94 four-year graduation rate.

New rankings from the Washington Post have looked at high schools across the country and listed them by most challenging to least challenging. The Main Line area stood out among schools in Pennsylvania, with Great Valley High School earning a great rank.

According to the Post, Great Valley is Pennsylvania's eighth most challenging school.

The Malvern School was behind other area schools, Conestoga (5th) Phoenixville High School (4th), Radnor HS (3rd) Harrtion HS in Bryn Mawr (2nd) and Julia R. Masterman in Philadelphia (1st).

Great Valley was also ranked 844th nationally, according to the Post.

You can see all of the PA schools ranked here.

The ranks look at how students are challenged in the schools.

A ratio of 1.000 means the school had as many tests as graduates.

The school offers AP courses, according to the study. Their "index" measurement, which determined their placing, was 2.740; the school, therefore, had about that many tests per graduating student.

Additionally, 89 percent of its students attend a four-year college upon graduation.