One of the world’s premier horticultural display gardens

The Lily Pond at Longwood Gardens


When you’re at Longwood Gardens, it’s easy to imagine that you’re at a giant, royal garden in Europe. Stroll along the many paths through acres of exquisitely maintained grounds featuring 11,000 different types of plants.

Encounter a new vista at each turn: the Italian Water Garden, Flower Garden Walk, aquatic display gardens and many others. Amble through Peirce’s Woods, eight outdoor “rooms” of distinct woodland habitats.

Inside the Conservatory is a lush world of exotic flowers, cacti, bromeliads, ferns and bonsai. Each season brings a different pleasure: spring magnolias and azaleas; summer roses and water lilies; fall foliage and chrysanthemums; and winter camellias, orchids and palms.

On land Quaker settler George Peirce purchased from William Penn, Peirce’s grandsons planted an impressive arboretum. The presence of a sawmill on the property prompted industrialist Pierre Samuel du Pont to buy the land in 1906 to save the trees.

Christmas is spectacularly celebrated with carillon concerts, poinsettias and thousands of lights; summer evenings are embellished with concerts, illuminated fountain displays and occasional fireworks.

Meadow Garden

Opened in 2014, the gorgeous 86-acre Meadow Garden is a scenic addition to Longwood Gardens.

Wander through three miles of walking and hiking trails featuring colorful fields of wildflowers, the historic Webb Farmhouse and Galleries and four learning pavilions.The new experience shows guests how meadows have evolved since the 1700s and the importance of nature conservation efforts.

The Webb Farmhouse, a staple of the garden since the 1700s, features two galleries — the first showcases the meadow during all four seasons and the second features the people who inhabited the meadow over time.

Throughout the garden, expect visits from wildlife including deer, butterflies, birds, beavers, bees and more in addition to bridges that cross numerous water sources on the grounds. Meadow Garden also boasts an elevated boardwalk, which takes 15-minutes to cross, for different views of the landscape.

Don’t Miss

Indoor Children’s Garden — Surrounded by tree-covered seating and Longwood’s famous fountains, the new Indoor Children’s Garden provides a safe and engaging space where children can learn about nature with amazing plants and fun activities around every corner.

The Garden features a Central Cove, a Rain Pavilion and a Bamboo Maze, filled with a jungle of tree-sized bamboos for children to explore.

Outsider’s Tip

There are 17 fountains in the Indoor Children’s Garden to enjoy, where children will want to splash and play. An extra shirt or small towel might come in handy!

Buy Tickets In Advance

Tickets for the Longwood Gardens can be purchased in person at the Independence Visitor Center or online in advance of your trip using the button below.

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