Parking changes are going into effect soon to accommodate work on the Paoli Accessibility Project at the station, official said.

 By Updated July 27, 2017 12:35 pm ET

Paoli Train Station Changes Coming Next Week

PAOLI, PA – As work on the Paoli Accessibility Project at the Paoli station continues, parking changes will be coming to the area starting July 31 to accommodate work and to prevent parking loss.

Officials from SEPTA and Amtrak said additional permit and daily commuter spaces have been created in the Northwest Lot – which is permit parking – across North Valley Road.

The change is part of the project's next phase, and other changes are coming.

Below is a list of changes provide by SEPTA and Amtrak officials:

  • Beginning July 31, all jitney passenger pick-ups will occur in the Northwest Permit parking lot across North Valley Road. The designated jitney area will be marked along with directional signage to the new pick up area (see Northwest Permit Lot map).
  • During the week of July 31, construction barricades will be placed in the area of the station building to begin work on the elevator, stair towers and new high level platform. Accessible parking spaces will be re-located to the front of the station building and clearly marked. Construction barricades will also require a portion of the inbound (towards Center City) platform to be closed. Inbound jitney passenger drop offs will continue in the South Lot. SEPTA buses will be unaffected and will continue to use the South Lot (see South Lot map).
  • On or before July 31, new daily parking spaces will become operational in the Northwest Permit Lot across North Valley Road to accommodate parking spaces temporarily removed for construction. There will be no net loss of parking spaces during construction.
  • After Labor Day, the Northeast Lot on the outbound side of the station (west towards Harrisburg) will be closed for construction. All daily parking (and Jitney pick-ups) will occur in the Northwest Permit Lot (across North Valley Road) as noted above.

SEPTA and Amtrak riders are asked to allow additional time to adjust to these changes.

Project representatives will be onsite throughout the week of July 31st to assist riders looking to park at the station.