Now that you have signed the Buyer’s Agency Contract (sample provided in Part 2 ‘Understanding Buyer’s Agency), you have become a client of the Realtor®.  This is a commitment on your part to work exclusively with her/him in your search for a home.  So, what is the Realtor® commitment to you?

The Realtor® now has, at a minimum, the legal fudiciary responsibilities to you of loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, obedience, reasonable care, diligence and accounting. An expert Buyer’s agent will do so much more in their commitment to you.

An Accredited Buyer’s Agent has been trained and certified to give you the service you deserve in realizing your dream of home ownership.  They will spend time with you to explain the buying process giving both you and the agent a chance to explore expectations before showing homes.  This information will insure a smooth and pleasurable process, deter misunderstandings and save that oh so valuable time!

Your agent will be your single source of information having access to real estate tools unavailable to the public. They will counsel you on the homes to see and scourer virtually every property for sale whether it be their company’s listings, other broker’s listings, new home builder’s properties, many “For Sale by Owner” properties and even properties that may not be on the open market yet, spending countless hours to find the home that you are looking for.  They will then show you the properties you are interested in.

An expert agent will provide mortgage representative, inspection, home owners insurance, and home warranty information should you need it, provide their knowledge and experience when you are considering a home purchase, and explain the sales contract in detail.  They will a provide comparable analysis of similar homes to the one/s you are serious about, review the seller’s property disclosures, negotiate and present a contract with your best interests in mind, including price and terms.

Once the contract is signed the agent will prepare and explain all other necessary paperwork, be diligent by staying on top of all contract terms and deadlines, stay in touch with anyone else involved with the transaction, be present for inspections, review the preliminary title report, do a final walk-through of the property before settlement, attend settlement and stay in touch after settlement to make sure if there are any remaining concerns or questions, the agent is available to help resolve the concerns.  And above all, the agent should be passionate about personal service, support and commitment to the client.

All these services take considerable time, effort and expertise.  And can you believe, these services cost you nothing!  The seller pays for the commission. Keep in mind, your Buyer’s Agent can supply all these services and make nothing if you do not purchase, putting great faith in you as a client.

This is the Accredited Buyer’s Agent (ABR) commitment to you!

Table of Contents 

  • Part 1:  Consumer Notice-9/14/17
  • Part 2:  Buyer's Agency Contract-9/21/17
  • Part 3:  Buyer's Agent Commitment to Client-10/10/17
  • Part 4:  Mortgage Pre-Approval, Why is it Essential?-Coming Soon
  • Part 5: The Seller's Disclosure
  • Part 6:  Deposit Money in a Real Estate Transaction-Coming Soon
  • Part 7:  The Escalation Clause, To Use or Not to Use?-Coming Soon
  • Part 8:  The Anti-Fraud Disclosure-Coming Soon
  • Part 9:  The Sales Agreement, What Is In It?-Coming Soon