Renting is great! It leaves you with no obligation. Well other than to pay your rent for the term of the lease, but no obligation for the long term. Often times people who can afford to buy choose to rent. You essentially have no duty to repair anything that goes wrong in your rental home or apartment (most of the time) unless you broke it because you were careless. If the washing machine breaks, it gets fixed. If the garbage disposal breaks, it gets fixed. Practically every appliance, window, door, etc will be replaced or fixed if something happens to it- all at no cost to you, the tenant. Rental life allows for a nonstressful day to day life where you know that when you are done your lease you can always pack up and move to a nicer place right down the road if you want. In our society when it comes to real estate many people think renting is ridiculous, that its only for young people, and a complete waste of money- which is not the case at all. So when people say you are wasting your money when you rent, you need to remind them of how you do not feel tied down being stuck in a home that you may have liked when you bought it but now you hate your neighbors and there is nothing you can do about it, or how they have to buy their own washing machine and you don't. They might soon realize that you actually are living the good life.