This week for our Room of the Week we have chosen a bedroom with a large feature bed. As we spend so much of our life in bed your bedroom should be one of the first rooms that get your attention when redecorating. Try to make your bedroom a sanctuary from the rest of the house and it will help to ensure your receive sound refreshing sleep.


Your bedroom is also the one room of the house where decluttering is essential. You need to organize the storage to allow you to sleep in a calm, clutter-free room. Your morning routine will be far easier if everything is organized so I suggest this is always the first aspect of a bedroom design to tackle.

After the storage, you need to consider the style of bed you want. Upholstered beds are often my first choice when designing bedrooms. The upholstery on this type of bed adds another layer of texture to the finished room and bring a softness to the scheme which can’t be achieved with a wooden bed. I recently specified the Valentin bed in a gorgeous soft gray wool.

Another important piece of furniture is the bedside table. Do you want one, what will you store in it, what style? These are all important questions you need to ask when choosing your bedside table. To maintain a clean contemporary look try to work out how much storage you will need before falling in love with something that wouldn’t be practical for your lifestyle.

I recently specified the Bourbon bedside table for a bedroom scheme. It is a perfect piece if you are looking to create a romantic look but don’t want the room to be too girlie – often a consideration when we design for couples! The style of this piece is inspired by antique furniture but the azure blue lacquer brings it bang up to date.